2015 Ontario Psychotherapy Statistics – More Kids Need Help

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Hello. My name is Kaden Smith and I am an aspiring psychotherapist. But would you believe that I used to suffer from depression and anxiety? This is the very reason why I became a psychotherapist – the 2015 Ontario psychotherapy statistics are quite high. I want to help those who I once was; a person who felt helpless and hopeless at times, and very much afraid of things.

How I Became Depressed And Anxious

I grew up in a broken home. My mother was the typical battered wife, and dad was the reason why she is battered. He would verbally mistreat her, and she would bow down on that. My dad would also mentally, psychologically and emotionally abuse her. He would call her names – stupid, idiot, or pig. Those were her nicknames while I was growing up.

Dad was moneyed, and that was the only thing he didn’t oppress on my mom. She would drown herself in alcohol, the finest ones because it’s one of her ways to go against him. It meant she destroyed herself by being an alcoholic just to cope with a “monster” husband. I grew up to that, and it’s not a pretty sight. One day, my mom had too much, and to make my story short, she died of drug (with alcohol) overdose. This prompted my anxiety since I saw when she took her last breath.

When she died, I had no one beside me. Dad would just keep ranting and badmouthing her even when six feet under. His words made me a depressed person.

Source: pixabay.com

I Was Lifted And Helped

Bless my grandmother – she took me in and was the only person who helped me with all of my issues, together with my psychotherapist. My father couldn’t care less. He just gave me money and never bat an eyelash when I left his care.

So you see, now that I am better, now that I know how to manage my triggers and cope with my issues at times, I want to give back. CAMH or Centre for Addiction and Mental Health reported on their website that 34% of high school students in Ontario are suffering from mental health distress – symptoms of depression and anxiety exist. This is an alarming number, which I want to lessen. It’s my advocacy.