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Sociopath’s Perspective: Walk on By

I like to include a sociopath’s take on things I write about here. It’s interesting to see the way someone with a different set of emotions filters the world, I think it’s valuable for anyone trying to understand or avoid them. Here’s some thoughts that “Destroyer of Worlds” shot to my inbox about how we’re reacting to this Lance Armstrong scandal.

I find myself (a top shelf sociopath) with a smile on my face every time I hear someone bitch about Lance Armstrong. It amazes me how many of you simple people act like if you were personally affected by his drug use. News Flash: You idiots do not know Lance Armstrong, you were not contenders hopeful of winning a gold medal at the Tour de France, and most importantly, the man has never wronged any of you. You live the lives of victims, and that is the problem.

Fact: If the 2005 Tour de France gold medal were given to a non drug user it would have been awarded to the 23rd place finisher. Imagine that, humans do better with drugs on a 2000 mile long bike race. The truth is people do better on drugs. It’s time to say Fuck No, to Just Say No. You people act like creepy puritanical nut cases any time a “role model” deviates from the pedestal that you put them on. I know athletes, I am an athlete, and we are usually pricks. Think back to high school, you were the A.V. kid into Dungeons and Dragons or the pathetically shy girl with a unicorn sweater and a retainer on, and I was the “Jock” that only took notice of you if you had weed (A.V. nerd) or if I was drunk and wanted to fuck an ugly girl at a party.

Lance Lied to us! Lance lied, I get it, he let you down. After all no one has ever lied to you. You have lived your entire life bathed in the light of truth. Never mind your lovely mother and caring father telling you all about Santa and the Easter Bunny, or your ex husband and every other man in your life telling you that they would be faithful or the girl that said you penis was “big,” or even your pastor telling you that hating gays is cool and every other thing they preach in there. The truth is Lance doesn’t have the balls to tell the truth, but neither do you. Do you get it? Everybody lies, period. So now we know that everyone lies and all the cool people do drugs, like: Van Gogh, Marcus Aurelius, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ben Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Jimi Hendrix, Aldous Huxley, Cary Grant, Pope Leo XIII, Jesus, Mohammed, Elvis, Picasso, Dali, Pollack, Washington, Jefferson, and Obama etc.

There was one name on that list that might not be applicable, and no it’s not Pope Leo XIII, it’s our pal Obama. He may have smoked pot but he’s not cool, now that you are all focused on Lance, he is taking freedoms away. I’m not in love with guns, but we are American’s and we have the right to have guns, but that is being eroded as we speak. Unfortunately, instead of being concerned to the point of action with the fact that your freedoms are being locked up, you are sitting on your fat asses, jizzing in your pants about part two of Lance and Oprah. Your priorities are backwards, and that is why you live the lives of slave victims.

Sociopath or Narcissist?

It’s difficult to say whether or not a celebrity has a personality disorder as they live in entirely different worlds than most of us do. According to the DSM-V, the newest edition of the manual that the mental health industry uses to diagnose crazy, “A personality disorder reflects “adaptive failure” involving: “Impaired sense of self-identity” or “Failure to develop effective interpersonal functioning”. This can certainly apply to the Lance Armstrong case. A good way to get the feels for whether or not a celebrity may be off is to listen to what those involved on a personal level have to say:

Here’s a quick interview with Lance’s old teammate’s wife. The most interesting information here is how Lance Armstrong spoke about this woman: “What Lance would do is he would always attack the person and not the message.” It’s clear from the piles of evidence that he’s an angry, nasty guy and a liar but there is much more to Anti-Social Personality disorder, the clinical term for sociopath than that. Sociopaths have a very weak sense of self, they are fluid and able to bend to be whoever they want to be. Lance Armstrong seems rigid and predictable, he makes zero effort to be charming:

“I honestly don’t think he knows how to tell the truth and I don’t think he knows how to say he’s sorry.”

This statement sounds much more indicative of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Although narcissists and sociopaths share a lot of the same traits (both are charismatic and neither care about the rights of others, they don’t do empathy), narcissists require constant “supply”, they need energy and attention from other people to fill a void (usually caused by a deep feeling of shame) that they are unable to fill themselves, which could explain why Armstrong is shoving himself in the spotlight. Sociopaths don’t feel shame and are less likely to get involved in something like a tell all Oprah interview unless there was a clear gain to be had by doing it, which doesn’t seem likely (I don’t think he was paid and it doesn’t seem to be doing his PR any favors).

One of the most defining characteristics of a narcissist is that there is a disconnect between the image the narcissist presents to the world and what how the person really is and functions. A restaurant with a beautiful dining area and a filthy disgusting kitchen behind closed doors is a good way to illustrate this. The difference here between a narcissist and a sociopath is that the narcissist will hold onto the claim that they are running a clean and delicious restaurant while a sociopath will claim that he’s running a restaurant or a gym or a flower shop or a Chinese massage parlor to whoever comes in the door looking for that particular thing. Again, here is the rigid attitude that makes me think that if Lance Armstrong is personality disordered, he is a narcissist.

Is Lance Armstrong a Sociopath too!?

The answer is: Yes, probably. I don’t care and neither should you. We’re totally missing the point here.

Lance Armstrong may be a scumbag who lied and cheated his way to the top but he created a HUGELY popular organization that does way more good raising awareness and money for cancer research than his steroids ever did bad. I absolutely hate cyclists and their “sport” and don’t know a single thing about any of of it, but google seems to suggest that Lance Armstrong had no close runner up, nobody who we would have paid any attention to if he would have won. The vast, vast majority of the world is decent like me: We don’t give a fuck about bicycling. In fact, if it weren’t for Lance Armstrong we wouldn’t even know that bicycling is a sport, we would just assume it’s a way for idiots to interfere with traffic. At the end of the day, we may have been lied to but we got a great charity that has saved lives that we would not have had if Lance Armstrong had followed the rules.

Remember the Clinton years? Absolutely you do, that’s when America was at her finest. But we went and tainted our glory by making a big deal out of that minor affair that absolutely had nothing to do with our prosperity as a country. All that accomplished was giving the stupid, easily manipulated population that extra shove they needed to bring in a republican to get the democrat flavor out of our mouths. We could have had Al Gore as a president and we got George W!

This is a good lesson for all of us: We shouldn’t be upset about being lied to because it really doesn’t affect us, no damage has been done. Our egos don’t like it when we are tricked, it makes us feel dumb but ego damage is actually a really great thing. The real damage only comes when we overreact: there is a saying that when the water buffalo duke it out in the marsh, the frogs are most affected: Lance’s charity, our could-have-been golden years under Al Gore and our dignity are what gets hurt in the end.


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