Our Sociopathic Society

There was never sociopathology in the eyes of some sociopaths, and others try to expand their understanding of themselves.   Self-mastery is their craft.

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Battlefield Is In Us

We have come to the era where the battle of the minds and hearts reveal that it was never the battle of arms.  It is the battle in your mind, and that it is vicious.   It is intense, unrelenting, and it is unfair because Satan never plays fair.  And the reason why it is so fierce is that your greatest asset is your mind.  The Invisible War (1965), Donald Grey Barnhouse.


Impulsive Antisociality

A sociopathic person’s real deal was to redefine and unfollow the set of standards, rules that bend you to follow.

The mind of a sociopath cannot entirely be understood, the mere fact that they are classed as anti-social in our society is just one of the reasons why they don’t want you to subject them. According to Daniel J Winarick Ph.D., “Antisocial does not mean shy, withdrawn, detached, loner, or quiet. The “social” in antisocial refers to social norms and rules. Individuals with ASPD have no regard for the rules, norms, and laws of society.”

Studies show that in every 100 adults, three are sociopaths. Different factors characterize sociopathic behavior, and there are reasons why they act the way they do.

Sociopaths tend to violate the rights of others without feeling guilty about it because the disorder makes them lose their moral ground to subject what is good and what is just.  They have a sense of deceitfulness, and they love manipulating others to get their wants or desires.  Sheri Jacobson, Ph.D  said in an online article that, “Sociopaths are willing to sacrifice other people’s comfort in order to pursue their selfish goals. They may use manipulation or aggression as a means to get what they want. Simply put, they put themselves above anything else, and they are not afraid to use whatever means necessary to satisfy their own needs.” They are incredibly charming at convincing you to have what they want, disregarding what is right to others, intentionally breaking the laws without reason or the mere fact that this gives them a sense of satisfaction.  A sociopathic person is incapable of understanding what others might feel. The inability to empathize makes it easy for them to manipulate and deceive you.


Not All Are A Nuisance To The Society

Sociopaths have two sides, the well-functioning and the less. The well-functioned sociopaths have a ground in society.  They manage to contribute something new to the world whether it is bad or good.  Sociopaths who are also community members encourage the nation to bring the best out of them continually. By doing so, they give immoral acts or unorthodox ones. To test how far the community can go, they either cause pandemonium and wrongdoings and the fact that chaos breeds order is always in their mind. “It is true that there are high functioning sociopaths,” said Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC. “But they are not the norm.”

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The Brain Is A Mysterious Puzzle

We cannot say that sociopaths are incapable of achieving what an average person can do, but some can and they will. The mind of a sociopath is exceptionally complicated. You might wonder, “What could be the thoughts of a person who is without moral ground?” They never base their survival on moral acts; it’s always about the survival of the fittest.  The greatest enemy is the human mind, the complications it has, and the rationality of our beings depends on how we see and perceive what reality to us is.

The judging eyes of others are enough to create a sociopathic behavior in any person. The truth that we are just another brick in the wall by the so-called “elites” is enough cause to have a sociopathic behavior. The real question, therefore, is, “How well can we manage to bend at ease with sociopaths around us?”

Are You Friends With A Sociopath? Know The Signs

A sociopath doesn’t always look like the main character from “Dexter.” Just like any other disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder takes place on the scale. Sociopathy is a real condition. Sociopaths don’t always equate to serial killers. Study shows that 3.8% of people from the US are diagnosed with ASP. And it is very unlikely not to be friends with one having this condition.

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This well-known psychiatry professor at the University Of Iowa Carver, says, “It’s a syndrome characterized by lifelong misbehavior.” He also added that people suffering from ASP have a habit of being impulsive and deceitful and at the same time does not have a conscience.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, below are the signs that signify Sociopathy.

Relationship Struggle

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People are suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder struggle with forming emotional bonds, which makes their relationships unstable. They would rather exploit people around them for their advantage, instead of creating a more profound link with them. A person with ASP may want to connect with others, but he has one thing in mind – he will form a superficial relationship and use that person for something. According to Preston Ni M.S.B.A., “In personal relationships, sociopaths  often initially entice with their superficial charisma and calculated charm, before revealing their cruel and uncaring nature over time (i.e., after a committed relationship is established or an important agreement is made). They deceive, manipulate, and abuse in relationships without remorse, leaving their victims wounded and traumatized by their utter lack of decency and empathy.”

Less Empathy

Those people experiencing ASP are well-known for their lack of empathy. A deep-seated rage is at their core and mostly are not able to feel any guilt for their actions. Black mentioned that when a person doesn’t feel remorse, they are freed to doing anything unpleasant that may take place in their minds.

Being Manipulative

They may appear very charming yet secretly aggressive and domineering. They see people as tools that they can use for their advantage, and they are not remorseful of it.


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Sociopaths are aggressive because they interpret the behavior of others as such, which makes them want to get vengeance. It is their thinking, and most of the time, it is not correct that other people are showing aggression towards them. “The driving force with sociopaths (and they have lots of energy) is to dominate others. This may or may not involve breaking the law. They want to dominate people in order to get things from them, such as their possessions, money, sex, business partners, homes, cars, investments, reputation and so forth,” said Bill Eddy LCSW, JD.


People with Antisocial Personality Disorder shows no concern about the results of their actions and how it would be of effect to others. They are that insensitive, as long as they are getting what they want, and when they want it.


Every individual has that “impulse” decision at times, but for sociopaths, it is normal to be unreasonably impulsive and spontaneous. As Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC said,  sociopath “..are at high risk of incarceration due to impulsive behaviors. They’re also likely to have a shorter life expectancy due to impulsive behaviors like substance abuse and criminal activity.”

Being Deceitful

Those who are affected by Antisocial Personality Disorder have no problem lying calmly and easily. They often exaggerate things when it is beneficial for them. Being truthful is impossible for them.

Being Irresponsible

Sociopathic patients are usually indifferent to responsibilities, and they are ignoring normal obligations as they pile up. They don’t care about it.

Having Risky Behavior

Sociopaths often find themselves being involved in risky behaviors- not concerned about the devastation they cause to others nor themselves. Promiscuity, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug abuse is familiar to them. This study will reveal that your ex may have a psychopath condition on the loose.

The disorder may be considered mild. People with the said are telling lies or trouble with their partners. But still, it is not a surprise if someone has the said condition are robbers or even murderers.


The Clear Profile Of A Sociopath

The clinical term for someone with this mental health disorder is APD. You think your child is displaying extremely unusual lunatic-like behavior and that it can be a sign of him having the disorder. Mental disorders are a serious matter, but there are now research studies by mental health specialists and therapists.

signs and symptoms of a sociopath
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These studies can help you understand how this unusual behavior can affect your child’s life. 

Sociopath In Children

Sociopathic disorders in children are a very controversial topic. These sociopath symptoms can also be because of a conduct disorder. There is a lot to know about it but don’t jump to any conclusions about the behavior. 

Early Signs: Sociopath 

Kids might disregard the consequences of their actions at one point. Being psychotic is different. He does not have a care in the world whether their actions are affecting themselves and those who surround them. This is very reckless behavior that can turn into dangerous as well. “Stealing from family members, compulsive lying, bouts of violence, self-centeredness, and a seeming indifference to looming consequences are just a few of the heartbreaking behaviors parents have to witness firsthand,” says Joseph Lee M.D.

Consequences to them are just threats that their parents are saying and they are not scared of these threats.  They do not care if they offend a person, hurt someone, or disregard their parent’s wishes. To them, they are only doing what they want to do, even if it’s a negative thing. 

Sociopath:  Constant Lies

 A child may lie once in a while to get away with trouble, but early signs of being a sociopath are when a child frequently lies without any reason. They only do it because they like to and see no reason to be guilty about it.

According to psychologist Paul Frick  “Kids with mental health issue tendencies, though, are unrepentant. On a larger scale, this sort of lying without any emotional attachment can be dangerous.”

They might think that hurting someone is healthy or that not following their parents is okay. Always lying is nothing to them because they do not care if their parents get mad.

Kids with mental health issue tendencies, though, are unrepentant
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Traumatic Experiences Leads to Being A Sociopath

A Sociopath Lacks Empathy

One can be numb over time due to traumatic experiences that led them to a sociopathic mental state. Again, a sociopath does not have a care in the world, even if something bad could happen to another person. He or she could do something terrible, like push a playmate or hurt another social child or would watch the other person suffer without any reaction whatsoever and will not offer any help.

A situation happened when a sociopath pushed another kid into a hotel pool, sat down on a chair, and watch the kid sink to the bottom of the pool without him feeling guilty, scared, or worried. He did not offer any help or call for help.

A Sociopath Can Be Very Manipulative

A lot of children can be a bit manipulative in an adorable way. As parents, we often see this as a form of sweetness so they can get what they want but a sociopathic and mentally-disturbed child being manipulative is different. A sociopath can be manipulative without you realizing it because they have thought it through and have calculated each action that you will not even notice. They can be outright authoritative without showing any emotion.

A Sociopath Displays Violence And Rage

It is usual for a child to display anger, especially when provoked. These mentally-disturbed children are showing an alarming rate of violence and rage daily without any reason. In addition to that “The four areas of behavior include aggression to people and animals (e.g. often bullies, threatens, or intimidates others; has been physically cruel to people; has been physically cruel to animals); destruction of property (e.g. fire-setting or destroying property); deceitfulness or theft (e.g. has broken into someone else’s house, building, or car; has stolen items of nontrivial value)“ says Seth Meyers Psy.D. This could be dangerous, especially if your child has other siblings around. Mentally-disturbed children could get hurt and could hurt other children because of this.

Always Love Your Children And Do What’s Best For Them

It can be hard to grasp for no matter what, you will always love your children and think of the best for them. But you cannot deny these actions if mentally-disturbed children are still on display and other people are noticing them.

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These are the signs in which your child could be sociopathic. It will be hard to admit to yourself, but it all starts with you. If your child is displaying these sociopath symptoms, it is time you get the help you and your child needs. Do not think about the embarrassment or humiliation that you and your child could experience but think about getting your child to be better. This is not just for you and your family, but for the people around you as well.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, new medical research is looking for ways how to treat a child that is mentally challenged and can even prevent these early warning signs from becoming a sociopath. You will get the right help you need so that your child could normally live, just like any loving and caring child. You might think being a sociopath is irreversible, but that is not true. Today, a lot has been developed, including how to treat mental disorders. With the right treatment and comprehensive therapy, your child could lead a healthy life and grow up to be the right person.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Sociopathic Behaviors Of Most YouTubers

We love watching YouTubers in their videos almost every week. Most of the times, we even subscribe to their channels and follow their pages. That’s because we get overwhelmed and interested with their talents, charisma, sense of style, personality, and a lot more. But have we questioned ourselves about what makes them different? In this article, we’ll try to discuss why most YouTubers are classified as sociopaths.

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YouTube is a playground for YouTubers. It’s a place where they can perform and act differently in front of the camera. And since a lot of the characteristic of a sociopath fits almost well with a lot of these people, it makes better sense why they gain so much attention.

Charismatic But Manipulative

Many YouTubers are charismatic and charming. Almost all of them look so good when it comes to physical appearance. However, in some cases, it doesn’t always depend on their looks. It’s somehow due to the manipulative ability they have that makes them stand out more than the others. It is more about manipulating the audience and hiding them.

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Risk-Takers But Irresponsible

A lot of YouTubers are mostly risk-takers but irresponsible. With all due respect with their habits and personality, some of them don’t seem to care about dangerous and harmful acts. Sometimes, they even cause damage to properties. They also cause others serious injuries as well as to their selves. Some YouTubers content videos are offensive and degrading. Though most of it is made with peaceful and good intentions, it gets misjudged due to the deliverance and choice of words.

Entertaining Lies

A lot of YouTubers create a video that internationally aims for thousands of views. Most of the time, they merely create something out of a lie to get recognition. Similar to a sociopath, YouTubers are not even trying to make it seem like a truth anymore. There is always this part of their creation that leads it to untruthfulness. But then again, since these people are good at manipulation, everybody seems to take everything in and believe it.

Intriguing But Lacks Emotion

In all honesty, it’s difficult for a viewer to know if a YouTuber is personally involved with his video creations. That’s because they somehow leave this impression that not all of it is true. Though we sometimes see them happy playing and goofing around, they sometimes end up not wanting to share personal feelings unto it. As a result, some videos are not that interesting and end up boring at some point. Aside from that, YouTubers often show tons of emotions on their videos which make it hard for viewers to understand the difference of real and scripted emotional approach.

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Well, no scientific explanation will back up the claim that YouTubers are sociopaths. However, the traits and qualities of the said sociopathic characteristics might shed light on some of it. Perhaps some YouTubers can relate to what the mental condition has to show them. But please note, the equal signs and symptoms are still inaccurate diagnosis. Therefore, they still need medical health assistance for its ascertainment.

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Therapists Reveal The Difference Between A Sociopath And A Psychopath

According to experts, there are significant dissimilarities between a sociopath and a psychopath. Though people tend to toss these words around like their distinction were of no importance, there is a compelling reason why one should be knowledgeable about their differences.

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By being aware of their different characteristics, a person would know how to deal with sociopaths or psychopaths or eventually avoid them. However, it doesn’t matter who’s who, for as long you bail out on them once you’ve managed to identify these troublesome anomalies. Better safe than sorry.

What The Therapists Say

Since they are trained and are adept at figuring out what’s mentally misconstrued in people, therapists are knowledgeable in identifying which is which. According to Scott A. Bonn, Ph.D, “Sociopathy and psychopathy has both been listed under the Antisocial Personality Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-Fifth Edition (DSM-V), sharing traits such as disregard for laws and social mores, disregard for the rights of others, failure to feel remorse, and tendency to display violence.” So based on studies and observations, here are the main differences between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Sociopathic characteristics are:

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  • Charming and manipulative with situations and people surrounding them.
  • Dominant with their victims, using them for personal gain.
  • Adept at lying to get what they’re after. In fact, sociopaths are so skilled at lying that they can pass a lie detector test.
  • See themselves as people who are great, powerful, and authoritative.
  • Cruel to humans and animals.
  • Not guilty of their ill behavior and instead, blame the erratic outcomes to other people.
  • Incapable of having friends and don’t have long-term relationships.
  • Involved with promiscuity that often leads to sexual abuse.
  • Keen on changing their image to avoid execution and will go to great lengths just to convince people of their innocence.
  • Developed by factors such as delinquent peers, neglect by people in the society and most likely their families, poverty, unemployment, and childhood trauma. As John M. Grohol, Psy.D. states that, “Most people who can later be diagnosed with sociopathy have had a pattern of behavior where they violate the basic rights or safety of others.”

Scheming as they are, sociopaths build relationships for the sake of taking something from the other person. Love and affection do not affect sociopaths and they find no value in such emotions.

Psychopathic characteristics are:

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  • Evildoers; psychopaths may or may not murder, but they will plan their crimes to make sure they are accomplished smoothly.
  • Persuasive to the point of dazzling other people into believing their pure intentions until they wake up to the realization that the psychopath has already destroyed their lives.
  • Attentive to the needs of their lovers in order to take advantage. Besides, it’s impossibly difficult to turn down a favor, like paying for large purchases, if you are constantly showered with excessive, exaggerated care and attention.
  • Great lovers. Psychopaths are so great that they can get away with their infidelities.
  • Without conscience. Once psychopaths have exhausted your resources and have gratified themselves, they will leave you without remorse.
  • Good at turning situations around to make it look like they’re the victims and people will eventually believe these psychopaths, forgiving and trusting them all the while.
  • Aggressive and quickly loses one’s cool over superficial matters.
  • Self-centered and is prone to boredom.

A psychopath’s nature is entirely due to their genes or biology and not because of crooked upbringing. Getting tangled up with a psychopath can turn out to be pretty messy since chromosomal errors are usually hard to cure or treat. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. says that, “If you see all these psychopathic tendencies on an individual, these can be an advantage in knowing who to avoid.”

Regardless of the condition, the best way to deal with sociopaths and psychopaths is to get as far away from them as possible before things can turn for the worse. Click this link for more information  https://www.betterhelp.com/online-therapy/ 

Wait A Minute, Am I Dating A Sociopath? Psychiatrist Reveal The Horrifying Truth

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Before getting into a serious relationship with someone, consider this thought: is that person a sociopath?

Often, when people are in love, they become oblivious to the fact that not everyone is customarily wired to be a potential life partner. Just because the one you’re currently dating is showing you love and affection, and is wooing you regularly, doesn’t mean that he or she feels the same way you do. Behind the mask lies an opportunistic, self-centered, liar who just wants something from you and to get that, that person must get you first.

Spotting A Sociopath

According to psychiatrists, the hard-hitting truth is, you might be dating a sociopath right now, and you might not know it since your partner seems so “normal” and is quite the charmer. But, in reality, that person only sticks around to either give you a good run for your money or make your life a living hell.

Psychiatrists unravel the real person behind the mask so that you can tell if you’re dating a sociopath and immediately get out of a sticky situation before your relationship escalates to a whole new level of toxicity. As Bill Eddy LCSW, JD states that, “Whether you’re trying to spot a potential school shooter, a dangerous romantic partner, a liar at work, a scammer on the internet, or someone pushing a bogus business deal with you, it helps to know some of the warning signs for sociopaths.”

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  1. Sociopaths Are Charmers

Sociopaths are suave, sweet-talkers who are usually sociable in any affair or situation. They are adept at knowing precisely what to say and gets applauded by everybody. Maybe, this is one of the main reasons why you were drawn to your partner in the first place – because of his or her charisma.

Sociopaths know all too well how to pursue a person and would generously give out compliments and flatteries. According to Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC, “Sociopaths may con people to get what they want such as to get the partner’s constant affection.” Still, this is just one sign; just because a person is naturally engrossing doesn’t mean that he or she is a sociopath. Let’s continue with the other indicative signs.

  1. Sociopaths Are Good Deflectors

Instead of accepting a fault, sociopaths turn the story around to make it appear that you’re to blame. Sociopaths are good at blaming others for the mistakes they initially created to the point that you seldom hear them admit their faults. At the same time, aside from being skilled in turning things around, sociopaths would also make you feel guilty for not being considerate or sensitive of their circumstances even if, you know deep down, that the gaffe was entirely their doing.

  1. Sociopaths Disregard Feelings

One of the main characteristics of sociopaths is that they lack empathy; this means that whenever you are upset towards them or about something in your life, they would have difficulties understanding what makes you feel that way. Sociopaths are not apologetic even if there is an acceptable reason behind your emotions. And if you ever confront them about this lack of empathy, sociopaths will, again, blame you for it, usually for making them look and feel bad because of your “emotional nonsense.”

  1. Sociopaths Are Pathologic Liars

They will lie endlessly to your face even if you’ve already caught them red-handed because that’s how they’re wired. Lying is usually a self-serving mechanism a sociopath typically uses to be impressive and to be seen in a positive light. Figuring out the truth from the lies is nearly impossible because sociopaths are so good at lying that they can convert the lies into truths.

What’s maniacally worse is that your might-be sociopathic partner does not even believe their self-serving lies. Sociopaths are so insincere that their expressions and actions are revealing more than what they’re saying.

  1. Sociopaths Exploit Your Resources

You’re not even married, and yet your partner is already showing signs of exploiting your funds and resources, thinking that since you’re dating, what is yours is technically also his or hers. Sociopaths usually have this inclination that they are entitled to what you have – properties, power, and authority. Some of the subtle signs would be asking you to pay the restaurant bill or “borrowing” your credit card with the promise that the money spent will be returned in a given period.

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John M. Grohol, Psy.D. says that “Most people who can later be diagnosed with sociopathy have had a pattern of behavior where they violate the basic rights or safety of others.”

Ending The Ties

If you noticed two or more signs that your partner is exhibiting, it might be a good time to weigh your relationship, assessing its benefits, and eventually ending it before things become messy. The thing about sociopaths is that for as long as they are taking advantage of you, they will not stop until you’ve been wiped dry. Sadly, the only way to be saved from becoming another victim is to cut ties before it escalates further into something permanent like marriage.