Characteristics of Sociopaths You Need To Watch Out For



Do you ever wonder if the person you are talking to or interacting with is a sociopath? There are many traits or characteristics that you need to look into.

Upon hearing the word “sociopath”, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a crazy, violent or dominant person. You may think of characters from dark movies, featuring psychos. This is actually a wrong notion because sociopaths are not really dangerous. It is important to note that a person classified as a sociopath is someone who is suffering from anti-social personality (ASP) disorder.

Watch out for these traits:

Difficulty in establishing relationships



Sociopaths find it tough and challenging to connect or interact with other people. They have so many reservations, which is the primary reason why they find it difficult to foster emotional bonds. Some people with ASP may succeed in forming relationships with others. However, they usually have a hidden agenda for doing such. They may use the relationship to employ deceit, fraud or intimidation. According to Seth Meyers Psy.D.  “Ultimately, the sociopath typically emotionally destroys those who are close to him or her, but the sociopath destroys them in a way consistent with their unique approach to others.


Dominant in all aspects

According to experts, sociopaths want to become superior and dominant in everything they do. Bill Eddy LCSW, JD says that “They want to dominate people in order to get things from them, such as their possessions, money, sex, business partners, homes, cars, investments, reputation and so forth. But they also like dominating others just for the feeling of it—the feeling of power and control.” These individuals find pleasure in learning that other people look up to them. As a matter of fact, their temper is usually triggered whenever someone disobeys or disrespects them. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that mere dominance does not really indicate the presence of anti-social personality disorder.


Lack of compassion or empathy

Persons who have ASP disorder will never show any sign of regret or remorse whenever they would do something bad. Sociopaths do not possess the capacity to determine whether what they have done is completely wrong or immoral. All that these individuals care about is to do what they want to do.


Heartless or cold-blooded


Sociopaths can also turn violent or aggressive. They may resort to the use of force in order to accomplish their goals or to satisfy their needs. These individuals do not care about what other people may feel. They would be cruel or mean when it comes to dealing with the emotions or feelings of those surrounding them.


Employs deceit or trickery

A recent study shows that sociopaths are dishonest individuals. They can become deceitful if it means getting what they want. It can be disturbing how these people can make up lies or false statements just to get their own way or save themselves from difficult situations. This theory is further strengthened with Dr. Jeff Nalin , Psy.D. claim that sociopaths are “dishonest and manipulative.


Reckless and irresponsible

Sociopaths do not accept the norms of the society. This is why they are completely irresponsible when it comes to fulfilling certain obligations. Persons with ASP disorder often disregard the duties that are imposed upon them. For example, they would not send monthly support or allowances even if the court already mandates it in a divorce proceeding.


Hasty or impetuous

Persons with antisocial personality disorder are also known for making quick decisions. They do not think of the pros and cons before acting unto something. Making a plan before acting is the last thing that they would do. Because of this, they are always carried away with all the circumstances surrounding them. This often leads to making wrong decisions.

The symptoms listed above are just some of the traits common to sociopaths. As symptoms, they are just mere manifestations of anti-social personality disorder. Getting the correct diagnosis from a professional is still the best alternative.