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How The 2016 Kansas Child And Adolescent Psychology Seminar Helped Me As A Parent

As a parent of a kid with bipolar, I can genuinely say that the 2016 Kansas Child And Adolescent Psychology Seminar improved my approach towards handling my child. There are times where I feel that therapy and school are not enough to support the improvement of my child. Hence, attending this event gave me more strategies in addressing my kid’s bipolar disorder.

If you are one of those supportive parents who is lost, let me share to you some of the things I have learned from the seminar.

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Most parents often find themselves too caught up in taking care of their kids. The bad thing with this is that they sometimes forget to keep track of their physical and emotional health. Remember, you owe it to both yourself and your child to be whole and happy. This way, it will be easier for your kid to reach his or her full recovery.

Create Consistent Daily Schedules

Those with bipolar disorder are used to having a daily routine. Once something disrupts this, they get a little bit anxious and paranoid. Hence, it is helpful if parents talk to the people whom their child spend most of the time with so that they will also align their schedules with theirs.

Join A Parent Support Group

There are parent support groups in every school, but some are not aware of it. It is essential to create these connections so you’ll have a group to run to just in case you face some problems with the condition of your child. This group can also serve as an avenue for you to bring awareness regarding bipolar disorder to your co-parents.

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Expose Your Child To Everyday Activities

There is a tendency that you’ll feel scared when you bring your child to the public for they might cause a scene or they might not cooperate with you. However, exposing them to everyday activities, such as a post office run or grocery shopping, may improve their interaction skills. It will also help them get used to the world around them.

Bipolar disorder is a sickness which we can still heal. With the help of these four tips, you will be a strong force in the recovery phase of your child.