Our Sociopathic Society

There was never sociopathology in the eyes of some sociopaths, and others try to expand their understanding of themselves.   Self-mastery is their craft.

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Battlefield Is In Us

We have come to the era where the battle of the minds and hearts reveal that it was never the battle of arms.  It is the battle in your mind, and that it is vicious.   It is intense, unrelenting, and it is unfair because Satan never plays fair.  And the reason why it is so fierce is that your greatest asset is your mind.  The Invisible War (1965), Donald Grey Barnhouse.


Impulsive Antisociality

A sociopathic person’s real deal was to redefine and unfollow the set of standards, rules that bend you to follow.

The mind of a sociopath cannot entirely be understood, the mere fact that they are classed as anti-social in our society is just one of the reasons why they don’t want you to subject them. According to Daniel J Winarick Ph.D., “Antisocial does not mean shy, withdrawn, detached, loner, or quiet. The “social” in antisocial refers to social norms and rules. Individuals with ASPD have no regard for the rules, norms, and laws of society.”

Studies show that in every 100 adults, three are sociopaths. Different factors characterize sociopathic behavior, and there are reasons why they act the way they do.

Sociopaths tend to violate the rights of others without feeling guilty about it because the disorder makes them lose their moral ground to subject what is good and what is just.  They have a sense of deceitfulness, and they love manipulating others to get their wants or desires.  Sheri Jacobson, Ph.D  said in an online article that, “Sociopaths are willing to sacrifice other people’s comfort in order to pursue their selfish goals. They may use manipulation or aggression as a means to get what they want. Simply put, they put themselves above anything else, and they are not afraid to use whatever means necessary to satisfy their own needs.” They are incredibly charming at convincing you to have what they want, disregarding what is right to others, intentionally breaking the laws without reason or the mere fact that this gives them a sense of satisfaction.  A sociopathic person is incapable of understanding what others might feel. The inability to empathize makes it easy for them to manipulate and deceive you.


Not All Are A Nuisance To The Society

Sociopaths have two sides, the well-functioning and the less. The well-functioned sociopaths have a ground in society.  They manage to contribute something new to the world whether it is bad or good.  Sociopaths who are also community members encourage the nation to bring the best out of them continually. By doing so, they give immoral acts or unorthodox ones. To test how far the community can go, they either cause pandemonium and wrongdoings and the fact that chaos breeds order is always in their mind. “It is true that there are high functioning sociopaths,” said Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC. “But they are not the norm.”

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The Brain Is A Mysterious Puzzle

We cannot say that sociopaths are incapable of achieving what an average person can do, but some can and they will. The mind of a sociopath is exceptionally complicated. You might wonder, “What could be the thoughts of a person who is without moral ground?” They never base their survival on moral acts; it’s always about the survival of the fittest.  The greatest enemy is the human mind, the complications it has, and the rationality of our beings depends on how we see and perceive what reality to us is.

The judging eyes of others are enough to create a sociopathic behavior in any person. The truth that we are just another brick in the wall by the so-called “elites” is enough cause to have a sociopathic behavior. The real question, therefore, is, “How well can we manage to bend at ease with sociopaths around us?”