Sociopathic Behaviors Of Most YouTubers

We love watching YouTubers in their videos almost every week. Most of the times, we even subscribe to their channels and follow their pages. That’s because we get overwhelmed and interested with their talents, charisma, sense of style, personality, and a lot more. But have we questioned ourselves about what makes them different? In this article, we’ll try to discuss why most YouTubers are classified as sociopaths.


YouTube is a playground for YouTubers. It’s a place where they can perform and act differently in front of the camera. And since a lot of the characteristic of a sociopath fits almost well with a lot of these people, it makes better sense why they gain so much attention.

Charismatic But Manipulative

Many YouTubers are charismatic and charming. Almost all of them look so good when it comes to physical appearance. However, in some cases, it doesn’t always depend on their looks. It’s somehow due to the manipulative ability they have that makes them stand out more than the others. It is more about manipulating the audience and hiding them.


Risk-Takers But Irresponsible

A lot of YouTubers are mostly risk-takers but irresponsible. With all due respect with their habits and personality, some of them don’t seem to care about dangerous and harmful acts. Sometimes, they even cause damage to properties. They also cause others serious injuries as well as to their selves. Some YouTubers content videos are offensive and degrading. Though most of it is made with peaceful and good intentions, it gets misjudged due to the deliverance and choice of words.

Entertaining Lies

A lot of YouTubers create a video that internationally aims for thousands of views. Most of the time, they merely create something out of a lie to get recognition. Similar to a sociopath, YouTubers are not even trying to make it seem like a truth anymore. There is always this part of their creation that leads it to untruthfulness. But then again, since these people are good at manipulation, everybody seems to take everything in and believe it.

Intriguing But Lacks Emotion

In all honesty, it’s difficult for a viewer to know if a YouTuber is personally involved with his video creations. That’s because they somehow leave this impression that not all of it is true. Though we sometimes see them happy playing and goofing around, they sometimes end up not wanting to share personal feelings unto it. As a result, some videos are not that interesting and end up boring at some point. Aside from that, YouTubers often show tons of emotions on their videos which make it hard for viewers to understand the difference of real and scripted emotional approach.


Well, no scientific explanation will back up the claim that YouTubers are sociopaths. However, the traits and qualities of the said sociopathic characteristics might shed light on some of it. Perhaps some YouTubers can relate to what the mental condition has to show them. But please note, the equal signs and symptoms are still inaccurate diagnosis. Therefore, they still need medical health assistance for its ascertainment.