Sociopaths: Are They Capable Of Falling In Love?

Have you met someone or have fallen for someone who is diagnosed with a disorder? Did you ever ask yourself if your soul mate, the person you adore, desire, love, and maybe can live without is a sociopath? If you have been reading or watching criminal documentaries and series, sociopaths are the serial killers, not psychopaths. These people have no remorse when they kill, unlike psychopaths who have that realization moment after they have done the deed.


Sociopaths usually act like they are such caring people. They “show” that they can provide warmth, kindness, joy, and even affection. To others, this seems like they are in love. But if you take a closer look, a sociopath is defined as the person who has an antisocial personality disorder. An individual with that disorder is characterized by lacking in empathy. “A sociopath is not trustworthy or dependable and has few friends and hollow relationships.  Sociopaths can be incredibly deceptive and have the tendency to be disloyal to their mates.” said  Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS. With their sociopathic characteristics, it’s very unnerving that someone like this can look very similar to a person indeed in love. This is very baffling, so, ask yourself, “Are they capable of loving?”

Are They Capable Of Loving, Or Being In A State Of “Falling In Love?”

To answer that question, we have to make the meaning of love suitable as to the way sociopaths understand it. How? Well, for them, love is like controlling and manipulating people. With that distorted thinking, we can claim that sociopaths are capable of loving and being in love.

Sociopaths are capable of loving when:

  • Love is an instrument used to trick and dominate someone.
  • Love is more feigned than experienced and serves as an ulterior motive.
  • Love is like a letter written in water rather than emotions felt by the heart.
  • Love is a feeling of entitlement and authority rather than sentiment and endearment.
  • Love is a promise told for gain rather than an expression of commitment and security.
  • Love is equal with sex as a mere brief and insincere sexual pleasure, and not the lovemaking of two sacred people being as one.
  • Love involves seeing others only as targets and opportunities.

To a sociopath, real love is a love of himself, supremacy, and the game of life. When love is a deep feeling of affection, sensitivity, closeness, and connection between people, then, sociopaths are not capable of that. The real essence of love is impossible for a sociopath.

What Is it Like Falling In Love With Or Loving A Sociopath?

A sociopath is a predator, who charms his victim with great motive because he senses the chance for his advancement. To win a person’s trust, he will start with the courtship and shapes her identity to match that of her victim, a perfect fit, like finding a soul mate.


But as soon as he gets bored and gets what he wants, the thrill is gone, and he moves on. It can be abrupt, leaving the victim confused and hurt. “A sociopath can be really good at faking feelings of love,” Darrel Turner, PhD , a forensic psychologist from Louisiana said, “It’s common when a sociopath enters into a relationship to behave very lovingly or otherwise affectionately toward their partner—at least at the beginning.”

It is possible to be in love with a sociopath. But can they love back? Yes, but only by his definition of love, a cunning, heartless, and detached kind of love. Some people seem to have no regard for others and can cause harm to them without any regret or feelings of guilt. When this behavior is pervasive, a person may have a chronic mental health condition known as antisocial personality disorder. Sometimes people with antisocial personality disorder are called “sociopaths,” said Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC.

So, if someone tells you that sociopaths can love or is capable of falling in love, DO NOT BELIEVE THIS PERSON. Sociopaths do not understand the real meaning of love, for they are selfish and think only of themselves.