The Fears Of A Sociopath

Feeding my curiosity in sociopathy leads me to study more in-depth on what and who these sociopaths are.   In most readings and videos, even movies about sociopathy

According to Daniel J Winarick Ph.D., “Antisocial does not mean shy, withdrawn, detached, loner, or quiet. The “social” in antisocial refers to social norms and rules. Individuals with ASPD have no regard for the rules, norms, and laws of society.”



A sociopath does well in finding out what his victim’s frailties are, and of course, their victims will not be aware of this because a sociopath’s charm gives them the power to provide them with delight that they may arouse in admiration. According to  Natalia S. David, PsyD, “Many people wrongly assume that all sociopaths are cold-blooded serial killers.” She further said that “In reality, though, sociopaths are skilled at blending in with the rest of society.”


Difference In Our Fears

Sociopaths may never learn to care for anyone but themselves, but this never exempts them from having fears.  They thrive on their victim’s fears because sociopaths know that their worries are their weaknesses.    When sociopaths experience fears, they instinctively recognize and respond to it by being defensive and sometimes aggressive.


Fear Of Not Being In Control Makes Them Lose Control Of Themselves

A sociopath is like a shadow of darkness that will follow you anywhere, keeping a close eye on everything you do and take note of every person you meet.   They will create confusion in your life and will not give you a hint.  They do this because of their need to have control over your life.

Knowing that they are in control is the very thing that pulls them together.   It’s the most important thing to sociopaths, the laurel on their heads.   Losing a grip on you will mean there is nothing that matters anymore.  And once they find out that they no longer have full control over you, they will lose control over themselves as well.   Things will spin out of control, and the most fearful thing might transpire.  You will see how he unmasks himself right before your eyes.




Fear Of Being Exposed 

A sociopath is very careful not to show his true colors.  He will go the extra mile not to get caught.  He is the king of deception, a very creative compulsive pathological liar.

Once he finds out that you already have hints of who he is, he will do everything to impress unpleasant emotions in you.  He will threaten you, tell lies about you, do smear campaigns just to make you look like the bad person in the eyes of other people.   He may even harass you.   He does these things because of fears of getting exposed to others.  He will make sure he is a step ahead by making you the liar, the crazy guy so that no one will believe you.

A sociopath is a leech feeding his ego on you.  To him, you are not a person but a thing that he owns.   You keep him focused and supply him the things he needs.   It is what makes him take things from you because he believes that he owns you and so he owns everything that belongs to you.  They have a very unreasonable sense of ownership.   It is where jealousy, lies, control, dominance, and worst, rage stems from if you threaten to expose him.   He loves the idea of being the charismatic and lovable one because this is his ticket to manipulate people around him like his puppets. Licensed clinical psychologist Liana Georgoulis, PsyD said  “ Sociopaths have a personality disorder that prevents them from feeling empathy for others. Although they often seem friendly and likable, they use their charm to get people to do things for them.”

If you want to expose a sociopath, it should be a well-calculated tactic or else you will turn this amiable sociopath into your darkest nightmare.