Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Effective Date: April 24, 2019
When you open, you are welcome to visit every page without getting urged to sign in or
register to the site. We believe that relevant information should be available to everyone anytime you
need it. We do not ask for personal details either, such as full name, email address, and mobile number.
What [website name] keeps a record of is your internet protocol (IP) address and site visits. The essence
of doing so is that we can figure out how often you come to our website, at what time of the day you do
that, and what blogs you tend to access. Such information will allow us to give you more similar content
in the future.
External links have a place on our website as well. We are privy to the importance of linking some blogs
to other authority sites out there. We also want to offer additional information to users regarding
specific topics. It is your choice to click one of them and get redirected to a third-party website, but we
cannot be liable if you happen to dislike the third party's content, policies or practices.
Lastly, our Privacy Policy is open to changes. We may modify it to add or remove new information about
our site. However, we will not put up a notice when the changes will take place, so you should come to
this page from time to time to stay updated.