Sociopaths Under Pandemic Quarantine

We all know that sociopaths thrive in grey areas where they look for every opportunity to create drama in life. They are the ones who love to engage in conflicts without feeling guilty at all—these people’s incapacity to love and understand harms other individuals’ emotional and mental state. But with sociopaths’ shallow emotions, how do you think they handle the pandemic situation now that they are in quarantine?


They Do Not Care At All

One thing that makes sociopaths different from others is their irresponsible behavior. These people disregard social obligations even if the circumstances require them to act on a particular moment. That is because they think highly of themselves. Therefore, ignoring responsibilities and blaming others is what they usually do. They see hostility everywhere, and that makes them unaware of caring. Their sense of self-love makes them think that people are suffering because they deserve it. They want nothing to do with people’s situation, but they want others to feel sorry and responsible for their emotional entanglement.


They Mess With People Through The Internet

Like most everyone, sociopaths also thank the internet for allowing them to gain other resources. Utilizing the web gives them additional power to manipulate other individuals, especially now in people’s weakest and darkest moments. And since social media easily carry the validation they want to achieve, they use their access to excuse themselves for the self-serving behavior they do. They misinterpret people’s distant action, so it drives sociopaths to seek for an opportunity to hurt them without any reasons. Sociopaths are pathological liars, so if there is one thing that can make them get away with it, that is the anonymity of the internet’s social media platforms.


They Love The Spring-Break Idea Of The Pandemic

Yes, sociopaths see an opportunity in this pandemic situation. Though that may sound positively encouraging, the results they do is different. Instead of trying to figure out how they can help the community, sociopaths see this global crisis as an opening for creative stimulation. They are enjoying the situation as they see others suffer from it. Since the situation is already hard enough for others, they spur at the moment to drive other people emotionally and psychologically unstable. That instead of trying to help, they tend to blame others for the unfortunate circumstances.

They Add Panic To The Situation

Sociopaths love to create chaos. And now that the opportunity of getting one is at hand, they use the situation’s uncertainty to add panic. Due to boredom and emotional stress of the quarantine, sociopaths engage in putting up the bait to throw at other people. They want to destroy other people’s calmness. They see the pandemic situation as a prospect of making other people’s lives miserable because they love the terrified reactions they witness from people. They feel a great sense of pleasure, knowing that others are taking the situation very poorly. Sociopaths love it when they know others can’t handle the situation as they do.


They Handle It The Best Way They Do

Since the focus and pressure of the situation are at the hands of every individual’s mental and emotional state, it gives sociopaths an idea. It allows them to manipulate and control others by confusing their emotions. Sociopaths also feel stressed with the situation, but they manage to remove it from themselves and pass it on to other people. They don’t want to suffer emotional and mental stress, so they want others to have ten times more of what they are experiencing. These people are dedicated to making someone else’s life miserable because that is their best way to survive and handle the pandemic crisis.